Pipe Bending Machines

Geri Dön



CNC pipe bending machines have quite different characteristics from hydraulic and mechanical pipe bending machines.In these models, servo motors, planetary gear, very special hydraulic valves and specially designed software are used.Software may vary depending on the users in different sectors. R3 pipe 3 on the same model with different bending our Radu workable.In R3 models, three different bending radii can be worked on the same pipe. We can say that CNC pipe bending machines are essential for fast and mass production.

Technical Specification

  • CNC tube bending machine
  • PLC control
  • Maximum bending capacity 38X2 mm diameter
  • To make rolling (to bend a wide range of bending with roller)
  • To work three different radius at the same time
  • Bending axis by servo motor
  • Feeding axis by servo motor
  • Rotation axis by servo motor
  • Mold axis by servo motor
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Hydraulic pressure die
  • Hydraulic mandrel
  • Hydraulic support
  • Hydraulic clow collet
  • Hydraulic up-down movement
  • Timed automatic lubrication for working components
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Max. 190 bending angle
  • Bending degree with encoder
  • Automatically activated hydraulic oil cooler and double fans
  • 15” PC touch screen
  • 3D simulation
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation on the screen
  • To see daily / total amount of production on the screen
  • To follow error messages on the screen and on the watch page
  • Calculation of the length of tube or profile
  • Foot pedal or button control, optionally
  • To record programmes on the memory
  • Mandrel length 3500 mm.
  • Max. hydraulic pressure 140 bar
  • Total motor power 23 kW
  • Security warning light
  • Safety plate on the front and back of the bending head.
  • Supported bend arm and bottom arm
  • Electrical panel safety lock and panel lock with key
  • Two years guarantee; technical service and training confidency by MANUFACTURER
  • Suitable for CE